Write about Autumn, without using any colours


Being as the first day of Autumn was Sunday, I felt as though this request was one that seemed more of an appropriate blog post than several of which I am probably going to do in the coming days/weeks/months (however long I keep this up).Writing about Autumn without the use of colours is probably going to be harder than I think it is right now, but I’ll give it a shot. Ready?

Thinking of Autumn makes me think of all the things everyone else does, I suppose, but my favourite thing about Autumn would have to be the smell of fireplaces and bonfires all the time. Although I’ve heard several times that the fact that I love the smell of things burning is something that I should be concerned about, I don’t really think there is anything much better than the smell of firewood.

Along with firewood come the thoughts of marshmallows and s’mores—and dark chocolate. I tend to favour dark chocolate over any other kind (maybe because it gives me the allusion that I’m eating something remotely healthy), but the idea of sitting around a bonfire with my friends eating s’mores, sharing stories, laughing, and teasing each other—I mean, does it get any better than that.

On a different note, while I loathe the cold (yes, I’m one of those strange people that would rather be hotter than colder) sweater dresses and boots are probably the best combination to ever be invented, well, besides chocolate and peanut butter. When Autumn rolls around, I get to pull all of my favourite soft sweaters and my grey leather boots out of my closet and, armed with a pair of leggings, I can embrace the crisp weather. If I’m not exactly feeling a sweater, or it’s only going to be really cool in the morning, the next best thing – leather jackets- can be substituted. Honestly, no one can look unflattering in a leather jacket, and it keeps you at the perfect temperature at all times.

Once armed to brace the weather, Autumn also brings the perfect time of year for daily walks (spring also affords all of these possibilities, but we’re not at that time of year, now are we?). Walks can keep you active and off the couch. It can also just make you feel good. A long walk with a friend, whether around the neighbourhood or around the city, can give you just the right amount of “friend time” to talk about whatever, with your favourite people.

After the surge of exercise, it’s time for the second best Autumn activity—hot chocolate, a blanket, and your favourite (at the time) book or movie.  For me, my mommy’s loco hot cocoa, my soft monkey blanket (and all my monkeys), and either something by Shakespeare or Nicholas Sparks, with The Lion King II playing in the background is the greatest way to end the day. While I don’t have a wooden fireplace at my house (or any kind of fireplace, actually) with a portable heater and a vanilla scented candle, honestly, it’s not a bad second choice.

Well, I did it. I made it to the end of this post without talking about how beautiful the world looks with Autumn coloured glasses (get it?). Basically, it comes down to this: great friends, and your favourite—whatever—every day can be the best day, no matter the season. While Autumn is amazing for certain things, each day and each season holds different adventures.

So here’s to adventures, whatever they might be. Have a wonderful Autumn, everybody!


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