Books– The Best Weapon In The World


I do apologize for the title. I am a die-hard Whovian and my inner nerd kind of possessed me to quote to good Doctor. With that out of the way, I suppose it is no secret that today’s post is all about coffee! Just kidding, although I do love coffee, today we’re on the topic of books. (Tea is actually a better companion when it comes to reading, but that’s just my two cents…)

There are several books I have read in my life that I really have no intention of revisiting (and probably will be donated when I get un-lazy enough to do so) but there are loads more that I could dive in to over and over again. Today, in no particular, I will hash out to you my top 3 “me day” books. These are the books I will never give up; the ones that I find something new in each time they are opened. Welcome to my wonderland…

Okay, so technically I’m cheating, because this is a series, but that’s how most of my favourites are– grouped. The Harry Potter series by J K Rowling was probably one of the best journeys that I’ve taken. Yes, I refer to the books I read as journeys I have taken, because I read to escape reality and I see nothing wrong with that. With that being said Harry Potter did make my list, but maybe not for the reason that everyone expects. Yes, I loved following Harry’s story, but for me it went deeper. I was more captivated by the role that everyone else played in Harry’s life, especially Snape’s role. While most of the characters in the HP series were standard cookie cutter good or evil, Snape kept me guessing, well up until book 5 (You don’t cross Dumbledore). Believe it or not, Snape taught me the basic fundamentals of love (A topic I will follow up on in depth at a later date) and I have Harry Potter for being a catalyst for that.

I’m cheating again. Another series that I’m completely in love with is the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick. Granted, while I’m not really one for the whole- boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they like each other , love conquers all, the end- progression that happens in most books, I loved this series. Maybe it’s because it deals with fallen angels and walks on the line that the cookie cutter bad guys aren’t always evil, or maybe it’s because Vee Sky brings a certain humour to the party that can, in no way, ever be replicated. Whatever the reason, I would highly recommend this series to anyone I come across. While I can’t decide how I feel about Nora, which might be why I like the book as well, because I can’t make up my mind, the other characters in the book, along with the concept the book brings to light, makes me fall in love each time it is opened.

Finally, I’d be remised if I didn’t mention at least one classic book in this list, my go to book any time I need to leave the confines of my mind—The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. While I was a bit put off of this book after the dreaded Twilight era decided that it wanted to ruin everything good on this Earth (in my humble opinion) I got over my distain for a work of fiction that I personally dislike and was again able to look once more at the genius that is Shakespeare. Being as this is probably one of the first books I picked up on my on (as far as I am aware) I was introduced to the concept that “happily ever after’s” don’t actually exist in real life, very early in life. I also learned that rash decisions can lead to fatal consequences (even with the help of a priest). Personally, I’d take a Heathcliff over a Romeo any day

So, there’s my list. Someday, I may do an in depth review of each of these books (and many others) but for now, I hope I’ve left you with some cool new reads. I’m curious to know of anyone else has rainy day favourites they are willing to share. If you do, leave a comment below. Have a great day.


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