Thursday Morning Musings


While I do not fully agree with the quote that is expressed in my picture today, it did peak my interest when I saw it, because it does pose a certain truth. It is about 8:45 a.m. (why I am awake this early when I don’t have to work and my class today doesn’t start until 1, I don’t really understand) and while typing this out, I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee and listening to music (two things I enjoy frequently). When I stumbled across this picture, more than anything else, it spoke to the critical part of my mind which wondered about the expectations that a lot of people, myself included, have on a cup of coffee.

While I will enjoy a cup of tea here and there throughout the day for the purpose of relaxation or defragmentation of my brain, I use coffee for a completely different purpose. As a full time college student with a (hopefully, soon to be two) job, I don’t get much sleep. Now, aside from the grumbles of “good morning” to the other people that reside in my house and the random complaints that I voice to my friends, no one would really know the amount of sleep I get in a 24 hour period. The reason the general population does not run for cover whenever I walk into a building, they owe to all the wonderful people at Starbucks (or my house when I’m broke or running late). My coffee, or as my mother would call it “my juice box”, keeps me awake and sane- or on auto pilot enough that no one notices- throughout the day.

Whenever I make a snide comment at my brothers, or give “the look” to my co-workers, someone somewhere knows that instead of taking anything I do or say personally, rather, a coffee run is conveniently scheduled for the coming 5 minutes—like magic. But let’s look at the, rather unfair, expectations that I have put on coffee, just so we’re all on the same page. I and everyone around me, expects coffee to keep me awake, functioning and pleasant. That’s a big job for a tiny, or several crushed bean. First off, keeping me pleasant is full time job all by itself that no one else wants. Keeping me awake, unless there is an activity or function for me to attend or some kind of book for me to read (all things that I want to do), is in itself an almost impossible task. On top of that, “functioning” is a relative term. So why does coffee continue to draw the short straw?

In short, because no one else has come up with anything better. Tea cannot be expected to wake me up and put me to sleep. Secretly, I think people enjoy the randomness that I speak while extremely caffeinated and dead tired. Jittery gives the allusion that I am paying attention to, or care about, the things that are going on around me and while my eyes are open and I am standing, I can pass for productive.

Poor coffee- it’s a hard job, but no one else wants to be responsible for my actions. (including me) So, here’s to the humble bean, without which, I would never be able to get out of bed.

Now what happens if we switch me to decaf….


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