Not Enough Hours


Hey guys, welcome to Whatever Wednesday.

So today, I’m going to give you my reasons (excuses) for why it took me so long to get back into blogging. As you all don’t know, I started my first semester, ever, of college this fall, and on top of work, trying to have a social life, and dealing with the craziness that is my household… my life is really hectic. Couple that with the fact that I wanted to blog every day and once I missed like, two days in a row I got really depressed and felt like a failure…I quit.

But we’ll come back to that later. Let’s focus on what I’ve been doing, before I start ranting about why I hate life, let’s talk about why I hate life.  First off, School. So I’m taking four classes this semester, right: English, Sociology, Math and Communications. Now me in my infinite wisdom thought to myself, “Gee, I’ve had classes five days a week my entire life, LET’S TAKE CLASSES EVERY DAY, BECAUSE THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!” Needless to say, this semester has been a nightmare. Not only have I inconvenienced myself, but I don’t have a car, so I have to rely on people for rides.(And now for my award winning speech: I’d like to thank my mom and dad, my friends Aaron, Brandy and Taylor for carting me to and from class and only complaining about it when I can tune you out.) Now my classes, for the most part, are super easy and I’m doing fine…And then we have Phalen.

Professor Phalen is my English professor, and I’m pretty sure that he has a tape of children sobbing, that he plays every night as he sips his tea before bed. Seriously, no matter what I do, this guy isn’t happy. I’ve put more effort into this class than I have any other class before in my life (which, I’ll admit, isn’t saying much) but no matter what, it isn’t good enough.

Part of the reason I have a “C” in his class right now (yes, that is failing for me (I’m still trying to bring it up)) is because whenever I’m not studying or working or guzzling coffee, or crying myself to sleep because I hate my life, I’m with my friends. So I’ve never had much of a social life where I can just hang out and do nothing with other people who have no life, are hanging out and doing nothing. Well, this year, I decided that I wanted that…so I made friends. And we hang out. And there’s pizza and movies and tons of ice cream and soda and I love my friends and wish they were with me every second because yeah, they’re greater than your friends are. Anyway, I’ve tried to limit my friend time to Thursdays and Saturdays, but that’s not always possible because of work, so sometimes Mondays are friend time too.

Speaking of work, I know I shouldn’t complain…but I’m going to anyway. No, I love my job. Yes, I only work two days a week in the office, but I work for a newspaper, so there’s always something to cover. On the plus side, I’ve been to concerts, plays, productions, board of education meetings, and in the process, I’ve met some totally awesome people and got to share their story with the world (or at least 14 thousand people). Like I said, I can’t complain.

So, when I get home (sometime between 6 and 11 p.m.0 and decide that I have to study and take a shower sometime before dawn, there were a few days that I forgot to blog. To make it even worse (I really do love you guys) there were some days that I actually forgot I had a blog (I know. I suck.) But the point is I’m back! I have three weeks left in this semester, and I’ve scheduled my life a heck of a lot better next semester. I might even have time to get a second job.

With that being said, you guys now know why I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks, but to be fair, I’m already on day three of this new plan (I only made it to day 2 last time) so I’m doing a darn good job. Thanks for letting me get all of that out on this crazy wacky whatever Wednesday, I love you guys. Leave a comment telling how you’ve organized your hectic lives; I know some of you are worse than I am. As always, comment, like, subscribe and share this post with all of the faces of your friends. I’ll see you tomorrow.



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