We’re all Cannibals


Hey guys! We’ve made it to the end of the week, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired. This week was extremely busy and definitely not what I bargained for. But all the negatives aside, it’s fitness Friday, where we’re doing things to better our bodies. Today, we’re talking about water.

So I officially start training with my mom on Monday (she’s running a race and I said I would do it with her, yes, I know I’m really stupid)and I’m taking the weekend, not only to recharge from the crazy busy week I’ve had, but also to start hydrating.

Now I know that some of you might think that drinking water is stupid, sometimes I really don’t want to drink water either. (Normally those times are when there is coke somewhere in my house that I feel I must confiscate). But water is actually really really good for our bodies. It could have something to do with the fact that we’re actually about 70% water (which is really crazy if you think about it). So I know that you guys don’t want to do all the research to find out why drinking water is really important, which is why I was nice enough to click on and read the first five hits on a Google search I did on drinking water when you’re working out. Here’s what I found (don’t say I never gave you anything)…

When you work out, your body is more prone to dehydration because you’re doing this really weird thing called sweating. When you work out, you get hot. When you get hot, your body tries to cool down (first it yells at you to stop working out, but you’re stupid and don’t listen). When it attempts to cool down, you sweat and it drains your body of water. Now we just established that water is more than half of what we are made of, so when your body is expelling water because you’re torturing it, it’s not really happy. So what can we do to fix that water deficiency? How about drink more water !

No, seriously, before you work out, like, the second you decide “hey, I’m going to work out today,” you should drink about 3 cups of water. The internet said between 15 and 20 ounces, but I’m a rebel.

Just before you begin your workout, like 15 minutes before, drink another cup of water. Partially because water’s still really good for you, and partially because about 30% of the water you drank early that morning, you’ve peed out. It’s gross, but we all do it.

During your workout, it is said that you’re supposed to drink a cup of water ever 15 minutes, but if you told my mother that she need to stop running to drink every 15 minutes, she’d give you “the look” and you’d probably start running in the opposite direction. (My mom is mean guys, don’t let her fool you). My suggestion is to get one of those cute water bottles from Walmart and carry it with you. Sip as you go.

Now, after you work out, (drop the oxygen machine) you’re going to start guzzling water like you’ve been living in the desert for five years anyways. As often as I do the exact same thing, I’m going to give you a piece of advice, sip, don’t guzzle. Cramps are not your friend. Seriously, about 10 minutes after you finish that 37th bottle of water, your body is going to hate you and you’ll either get cramps (which suck) or throw up (which sucks more, and you’re all gross). So it is in your best interest to sip.

One more piece of advice for you guys, start drinking water a few days before you start a new exercise program. It will reduce the soreness you’re going to have the next day because it will reduce the water deficit that your muscles are going to have. Basically, think of it this way, when you have to pee every hour, and it’s clear, you’re doing it right.

Warning: while it is extremely rare, there is a condition called hyponatremia which comes from people drinking too much water. Granted, for this to happen, a person would have to have gallons of water at a time, but be careful guys. If any of you slip into a coma, or die, because of this post, I will be very disappointed in you (and you’re going to make me feel really bad) So everything in moderation, okay.

I hope you’ve learned something today, (I learned a new word) and if you  guys are going to start working out, or even if you already do, leave me a comment or a message telling me what you’re going to do. I love hearing from you all. If there’s nothing else going on in my head, I’m going to bid you all farewell. I love you guys, see you Monday!


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