The Secrets to a Good Life


Hello my lovelies, welcome to another motivational Monday.

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention by sounding like a cheesy Saturday morning cartoon or something, let’s have a little chat, shall we? Now, what makes you guys happy? What are some of the things you love? I was pa-rousing the internet like I do every day of my life because I’m a lame teenager with no life (See last Wednesdays post if you actually believe that one) when I came across a video (which is basically what this post is about) that challenged me. The person in the video actually made me cry for a few minutes because I knew that if I tried to do what she had done, I wouldn’t be able to, and that (putting it mildly) made me really angry.

So again, before I say anything else, I ask you. What do you love. Take a second (your webpage isn’t going anywhere) and write down the first 15 things that you love. I’ll share with you what I put down.

1. My brothers

2Sampson (my dog)

3. my friends

4. Writing

5. Music

6. Books

7. colors

8. my grandparents (Sorry I was so late with that one)

9. Tea

10. showers

11. swimming

12 Coke (the drink)

13. pizza

14. movies

15. Ice cream

In going back through this list now, I realize that I completely forgot about my parents, but they’re in my mind, I promise. (I have to say that, they’re probably reading this right now).  So there you have it, 15 things that I love. I’m guessing that you guys have somethings that are similar, others that are different. But here’s the big one, the challenge that made me want to kick myself in the face. How many of you guys have yourself on that list?

In the video, which I will link at the end of this post, Ashley Wylde made my think of myself in a completely different way. Now, I know this is motivational Monday and things that I say today are supposed to inspire you to go out and live happy and all that junk…so here’s my motivation for you. Love yourself. Seriously, that’s it. Truly love yourself and you can close your internet browser right now. Ashley challenged me (and I failed, actually) and now I challenge all of you:

Go into your bathroom, right now. Look yourself in the eye and say the words, “I love you”. Go on, I’ll wait.

How many of you could do that? I already admitted to you that I couldn’t. For all of you that could, I genuinely applaud you. I am actually really happy that you can do that. For the rest of you. I challenge you to go into your bathroom every day and tell yourself “I love you” until you believe it.

I believe that if we can do that together, however long that might take, we can truly be inspired.

With that heaviness out of the way, I hope you guys had a great weekend. Leave me a message or a comment telling me what it is you did, I love hearing from you guys. Also, leave a comment if you are going to join me on this challenge to love ourselves. As always, if you enjoyed this post, be sure to like, comment, share and subscribe. I will see you guys tomorrow!

Meet Yourself in the Mirror LIVE- Ashley Wylde Slam Poetry


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