Yeah, Bring on the New Year


Hey there beautiful people, welcome to Monday Motivation!

I hope you guys all have had a super awesome New Year so far and have made some attempts to at least begin the process of making New Year’s resolutions. Now personally, I’ve never made any New Year goals before but because people have been on my case about it in a way (I do read all of your comments), I decided that now would be a good time to start. Granted, I realize that I just made some goals about a month or so ago, which I will update you guys with on Wednesday probably, but you can never have too many life goals.

So, my first goal of the New Year is to get back into the guitar. You guys may not know this but I have wanted and wanted to play the guitar for years now and about five or six years ago, my mom bought me a guitar instead of giving me babysitting money for watching my brother. Since then, I have taught myself how to play via YouTube, various guitar websites, and one class in high school. The thing is, for the past year or so, my skills have seriously dwindled because I’ve been too busy or too tired or too lazy or…well, you get the picture. But this year, that is going to change, and I am going to start playing again.

My second goal of the New Year is to get straight “A’s” this coming semester in college. Last semester I took four classes and got 3 “A’s” and a “C” but this year, I’m going to try really hard to be a straight “A” student. I really think it’s achievable and it’s something I’m really going to make an effort to do. I’ve always been a pretty good student (I am extremely jealous of people who don’t have to study or try in any other way to make good grades) but I’ve never cared about getting “A’s” so much as just passing the class, so this semester, I’m really going to push myself.

The third goal I’m going to set is one that I probably should have pushed for years ago. As you guys know, I am a writer. But in addition to writing op-ed pieces (which is essentially what this blog is) and various (bad) poetry, I also write short stories, novellas and novels. The problem is I’ve got approximately 7 or 8 of them started right now that I haven’t looked at in about three months, and so many more ideas in my head that are waiting to get out. So my goal for this year is to finish two of the current projects that I’ve got going on. Now I know what you’re thinking (that’s only 25% of what you have). Listen guys, it’s okay. I’ve only ever finished one of my writing projects. Two more would be the greatest accomplishment in history for me. It’s also very do-able, which is definitely key in making resolutions. It’s attainable and being attainable is super important, otherwise, your setting yourself up for disappointment.

My last goal for the New Year is not to completely cut out junk food and soda (which are both really bad for you but are super yummy) because I feel like denying myself completely will only make me want them more, but it’s to seriously cut back on the amount of junk food and soda that I consume. I’ve been doing really good at making smarter, healthy decisions about what I eat and drink (well, up until November) and I think that if I seriously limit the junk that I put in, I might see an improvement in the rest of my life.

So, that’s it, those are my goals. I’m really interested in what you guys have to say or if you have goals of your own that you wish to declare right now. I’m challenging all of you to set somewhere between three and five New Year’s resolutions, making sure that while they may be challenging, they are doable. I want you guys to write them down on paper and hang them somewhere you’ll be able to see them every day. In addition to that, I’ll be updating you guys on how I’m doing on my goals, both the ones I set today and the ones from a month ago, and I want you guys to keep me updated as well. I read and answer all of your comments and questions, but I want us to be able to take this journey together.

As always, comment this post, like, subscribe and share with your friends. I love you guys! I’ll see you tomorrow.


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