More Time in the Day?


Hey there dudes and dudettes,

It’s Saturday, and that means I can talk about whatever I so choose. Even though I do that everyday, Saturdays (that I feel like writing on)  are the days that I take some of the ideas that you guys give me (or I get off of the internet, whatever) and make them into funny, borderline insulting (to me, of course) posts that you guy will want to put your thumbs up for or “like” me because of. Today, we’re going to talk about the elephant in the room that I constantly use as an excuse to not put fingers to keyboard and give you guys something to waste your time reading. That’s right, we’re talking about scheduling.

Now as a general rule, I have three different methods of setting aside, or making, time to do certain things that happen to be priority in my life, and I have other methods of just remembering other things that I’m sure you guys have as well. So, today, I’m going to share some of my tips with you guys and hopefully, it’ll help you out. Today’s challenge for you guys is to actually try out one of these methods and see what it does for you. Maybe you’ll totally hate it. If you do, send me a comment or an email telling me that you totally hated it. If it works for you, send me another comment telling me what it was that you did and how it changed your life forever. If you don’t want to and you’re thinking that this entire post is a waste of time, that’s okay, I love you anyways; now, let’s get started!

There’s a calendar somewhere on your phone, use it!

By now, everyone on the planet has some sort of smartphone. I’m in college and I swear, I see more I-Phone 85’s than there are in the Apple store in New York. I’m an Android girl myself; I have a Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere 2 and I love it so much that I may never upgrade again, but I digress… on every smartphone I’ve ever had the pleasure of snooping through there has been a little icon that has the word “Calendar” on it. If this nifty little button did not come pre-added on your mobile device, don’t worry, there’s an app for that! On this app, there is an option, that normally looks like this (+) where you can add an event to your calendar, complete with a time and location option. Once you have successfully added a life event to your calendar, your phone will remind you with an email, the day before, that you have an event coming up, and an hour before on your phone.

Generally, I use this scheduling tool when there’s somewhere that I need to be on a certain day (like school or work) so that I can collaborate with the other people in my house as to who needs to be where at what time. It comes in handy on days where someone has to work and someone has to be in school and someone else has a meeting or something and otherwise no one would know where anyone else was. Saves gas, too.

Invest in a planner!

Seriously guys, I started using a planner my junior year in high school and it’s saved my butt on several occasions. At the front of every month, there’s a mini calendar that has little squares that correspond with the days of the week. I use that space to schedule the days where I have tests or projects due, plus things like birthdays, holidays, spring breaks and days off. It definitely comes in handy. On the following 4 to 5 pages, there are sections corresponding to the days of the week with lines where you can write various things in. This space is generally reserved for my to do list for that day. For example, today’s list has:

~Make a blog post, butthead

~help (Insert brother’s name here) with school project

~Kitchen duty

~Write one midterm essay

As you go throughout the day completing the day’s activities, the best part comes when you can cross out the tasks you’ve completed. There’s something oddly satisfying about crossing words off of a piece of paper. You can actually say that you’ve done something at the end of the day.

Colour Code Everything!

While this is probably more of a organizational skill rather than a time management skill, I’m adding it in because at the end of the day, its always nice to see what areas you’ve done things in. For example, when I’m in school, I have a different colour pen for each of my classes: Green for Biology, Pink for English, Blue for ITS and Orange for History. It’s a lot easier prioritizing things when you know that you have three assignments for one class due this week but you have a second week for the other assignments. Now, while I frequently catch lastminuteitus, I am not saying that this is a way that you can get away with what assignments you need to do and which ones you can blow off. It takes years of training to perfect those kind of skills.

This tip also works for things outside of school. My ideas for blogs are colour coded to match the days of the week, just saying.

Okay, now that we’ve covered some of the basics to staying organized and managing your schedule, there are some things that you just shouldn’t need to write down, some of those things are (but are not limited to)

  • waking up
  • brushing your teeth
  • taking showers
  • getting dressed
  • going to bed
  • drink coffee/tea
  • check emails
  • check bank account
  • annoy people
  • smile throughout the day

Now, as a disclaimer (I have to put these in when I give any type of lifestyle advice, doctor’s orders), these tips are coming from my own personal experience. I am in no way endorsing coloured pins, planners, smartphones or anything else that I may have mentioned throughout this post.

So that’s the end of this post. As always, if you’ve enjoyed my musings don’t forget to “like” “comment” “follow” and “share” this post and my blog with your friends, your family, your friend’s family, your family’s friends, you cousins uncle’s sister’s mother’s baby’s dogs, and everyone else you can think of. I love you all, see you next time!


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