People Suck, Now Carry On


Hey there Beautiful People,

I’m back for you with a totally awesome Motivational Monday! But before I get to inspiring you all with my amazing wise ol’ words of wisdom, let me just say this. I realize that I suck at posting everyday, so, here’s my compromise. Whenever I do post, my first post that day will always correspond to the day that we’ve agreed the topic should be. If I’m not completely burned out when I’m done writing that post, I’ll either do a random rant (because you all seem to love my sweet nothings) or I’ll write about a topic that you guys have emailed me (I’ve got several pages f a notebook filled from you guys’ ideas, y’all are awesome). On a similar note of things I’m proposing a change to: As of now, Friday’s are generally known as “fitness Fridays”. The problem with that is, there’s only so many ways that I can try to talk you guys out of eating blue foods or what happens if you skip leg day. With that being said, I’m proposing that Friday’s now be Free For All in the sense that, at my discretion (or the highest number of votes I get for that week, Friday post will either be “Freaky Friday” “Fitness Friday” “Family Friday” or “Freakin’ Whatever Fridays”. What do you guys think of that? Leave a comment or message me if you guys have any other suggestions or if you do/don’t like my changes.

Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s talk about drama and rumours!

So just recently, it was brought to my attention that I was having “relations” with one of my really good friends, and that this had been going on for several months, behind the backs of both my boyfriend and my friend’s girlfriend (who happens to also be a good friend). Now, when I heard this, not only was I impressed (I didn’t know that I could have a “thing”  going on behind my own back), but I was also overall annoyed. First of all, the person that I heard this rumour from (a high-schooler) had apparently heard the rumour from another person (a college graduate). Now, I get it, I live in the middle of nowhere in a place where if you spit, you would probably hit your old kindergarten teacher, but seriously, for a person to take that much of an interest in me and not even give me a really cool hook-up with like, Josh Ramsay (the lead singer/guitarist in Marianas Trench) is almost insulting, but I digress…

After hearing about said rumour, although I didn’t actually seek out the source (does it really matter who started it) it was time for damage control. I figured that if the rumour had gotten to me, it had probably gotten to the other two people in the situation, so I went to the person I figured would be the most hurt by the stupidity, my friend’s girlfriend. When I spoke to her about the incident, I found that I gained more respect for her than I had before (which is saying something, because she is one of the most level headed people that I know and sometimes I wish I could be her, anyway). Basically, while she had no idea that there was drama that was trying to breed, she said that it didn’t matter. She said that she and (enter male friend name here) have an understanding that if something inappropriate were to happen (be brought up) it would be up to each of them individually to deal with it and put things right…Mind. Blown.

So after that story, you may be asking why today’s motivation is about dealing with people that talk about things behind your back. Well, think about what my friend said and did. First of all, she didn’t care that people were talking about her, indirectly (which is disrespectful in and of itself). Not only that, but she felt that if what people were saying was worth a reaction, she would have trusted her significant other, to handle it on his own. Think about that for a second. How much confidence do you need to have in yourself to walk away from drama and not let it spread? More that either way, how much trust and faith do you have to have in your significant other to know that they would do the same.

Oh, if you’re wondering how my boyfriend reacted to that, he laughed it off. We’re all friends and we all trust each other, and we all know our boundaries with each other. I’m glad that I have such good people in my life that I can learn things from. I hope that if you guys don’t have that kind of relationship with your friends, that you either develop it, or make some new friends.

With that being said, I hope you guys had an awesome Monday. I hope you’ve regained some respect for the human race after reading this post (though that’s not likely), and I hope that you guys go out and tell your friends how awesome they are and how much you love them. If you liked this post, be sure to “like” it. Also, leave a comment, or message me, telling me about your “Restored Faith in Humanity” stories, I love hearing from you guys. “Subscribe” if you guys want to be the first ones to know when I add a new post and I’ll see you all next time. I love you all, and until then….


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