Going Hard and Fast Through the Labyrinth



Hello my Darlings,

Welcome to another View and Review Tuesday. Since I reviewed a book last week, I thought I’d just keep the ball rolling and do another one.

I’ve wanted to read “Looking For Alaska” for a really long time, so when I went to Ollie’s a few weeks ago and found the book for $4 (which is a total steal) I had to grab it. Honestly, I went through this entire book in less than a day, I couldn’t put it down.

The book follows Miles Halter, who hasn’t had the best of luck relating to people his own age, but loves learning the last words of famous people. When he goes to a boarding school that’s been in existence since basically, the beginning of time, at first he doesn’t really want to be there. It’s hot all the time. The shower barely comes up to his knees, and his room mate has a tiff with the rich kids that he doesn’t quite understand.

Then Miles meets Alaska, and his entire world is turned upside down. Alaska is a moody, seemingly self-righteous, book loving, sexy, bratty mess, that no one can quite figure out. Along with Alaska comes an entire new group of friends (the first real friends that Miles has ever had), a different type of drama that he’d never been exposed to before, a different type of school work and the hurricane that comes with the prank wars.

The book is differently structured than others that I have read. It is divided into “Before” and “After”. From the beginning, the book starts counting down and it’s not until “The Day Of” that you realize what happened. I’ll admit, for books I am a crier, and this book definitely made me emotional. It has all of the emotions from Miles that one would expect in a tale of a first love and all of the exhilaration of adventures.

I loved this book (I’m pretty sure I said that already) but it’s true. As usual, I don’t want to give away the story, so you guys are going to have to read it for yourself. This book is definitely not one for children, but anyone over the age of about 14/15 ish I would definitely recommend the book for. It’s a great coming of age story and there’s something in it that most everyone can relate to. The book has its moments of lightheartedness at some points, it’s completely serious at other points and there are times where I can’t figure out what the heck John Green was thinking.

Basically, it’s a book that makes you think. It makes you think about yourself, your relationships with your friends, your parents, your teachers and everyone else you associate with. Although this book is written in the perspective of a male, as a female, I felt no problems in reading it and I actually don’t feel that it could have been written from anyone else’s point of view just because you felt everything that Miles, as the new kid, felt throughout the year.

Overall, the book gets 4.5 stars from me, just because I feel like there was a lot that was un-resolved in the book that didn’t have to be (which translates into: I’m just a horrible person), but like I said, I loved the story.

Have you guys read “Looking for Alaska”? If you have, leave a comment telling me what you thought about it. Also, leave a comment or send me a message telling me what you would like for me to view and review next. As always, if you liked this post, be sure to let me know by “liking” it. Also subscribe to my blog if you want to be the first one updated whenever I make a new post. Be sure to share this blog with your friends and let them know what you think of me as well (you all can make fun of me together). I love all of you guys, and I’ll see you next time. Until then…


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