Sleep- It’s a Beautiful Thing

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Hello my darlings.

It’s Friday, and you know what that means…we made it to the end of another week! If you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve kind of been avoiding posting on Fridays, because my fitness plan has kind of been shot. But the thing is, I kind of made a commitment to you guys, so I feel like I should be honest and let you guys know what’s going on, good or bad.

So as you guys know, I’ve started trying to drink water like it’s my job. I’ve been committed to this change for a while now- about two or three months- and it’s actually going really well. While I do have the occasional vanilla coke (like the one that is sitting next to me as we speak) I generally drink anywhere between three and five bottles of water every day!

As far as my fitness plan is going…it’s not. At the beginning of my Spring semester in school this year, I was going to the gym every Monday and Wednesday. That was going really well for a while, and then homework started piling up and while I was working at the newspaper, stories started piling up and honestly, it was hard and I got tired all the time and… I quit. It happens and while I might start working out again, at this point, I’m just tired and don’t feel like it.

So that’s my story, and now let’s get on to the topic for the day- something that is very close to my heart right now- sleep.

Now you guys might be asking yourselves (or me, but I can’t hear you) why am I talking about sleep, that’s stupid. Well, imaginary other half of this conversation, it’s because sleep is really important for muscle repair when you’re working out (and it’s all that I can think about right now.)

You guys know how, when you’re sick, you feel better after you’ve taken a nap? Well, that’s because your body heals itself easier and faster when you’re asleep. Granted I’m not a doctor, or a science major or anything like that, but I have the internet and the internet can never lie (I read that on the internet). Anyway, when you work out, your muscles get tiny little tears in them, and when you’re done, they start healing. When you sleep, your body gets a chance to restore and heal itself at a faster pace, and that’s why sleep is good for you. (It also keeps you from talking and that’s what everyone wants me to stop doing).

At any rate, how long should you sleep?

As a college student working two jobs, I would say that you should definitely sleep at the doctor’s recommended advice of nine and a quarter hours. But as a college student working two jobs, I know that sleeping that long is actually physically impossible, especially once you factor in homework and studying and friends and laundry and showers (never forget showers) and everything else that takes away from your time, so here’s what I recommend…

Take a 20 minute nap sometime in the afternoon, if you can. You’ll feel a ton better and you’ve have the energy to make it through the rest of your day (sometime, even without  espresso). On top of that, try to get somewhere between four and six hours of sleep, leaning more towards six. Why? Because your body, once it gets use to it, will fall into REM sleep faster, which means you’ll feel like you’ve slept longer and your body will thin that because of that, it had more time to repair itself.

How does this all tie into exercise?

If you’re constantly on the go and working out every single day, eventually, you’re going to burn out. Add in a rest day from your workout plan as well, at least once a week. Give your body time to relax and appreciate what you’re doing to it. Also, if you get enough rest (and keep drinking your water, you won’t be as sore the next day, just saying.

So there’s my two cents. It’ll be worth a lot more once I’m dead, but at least you guys will get to say you knew me when…

Once again, I’m sorry I’ve been a little distant lately, especially on Fridays. I’ll get myself together eventually and see you guys more often. As always, if you liked this post, be sure to “like” it, comment, subscribe and share my blog with your friends, families and cats, can’t forget the cats. I love you guys, I’ll talk to you again some day


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