Today Means Amen


Hey Guys and Gals,

It’s motivational Monday, but to be honest, I wasn’t feeling the motivation today, and I really didn’t want to post at all. But, you guys are awesome and don’t forget to make me a part of your week, every day, and I love you guys and I appreciate that more than you know.

So picture this, it’s about an hour ago (around 7 p.m.) and I am scouring the interweb, trying to find something to write about for you guys today, when I’m really not feeling the love and all I really want to do is hop into bed, when BAM! It hits me on YouTube. So, one of my many subscriptions on YouTube is a page called Button Poetry, because I love getting inspiration from them. I watch a few videos, still not feeling anything special, until I see a link called, “Sierra DeMulder//Today Means Amen”. I click it, not really expecting anything at the beginning but by the end, there were actual tears in my eyes.

Now, to get the full effect, you guys are going to have to check out the video, which I’ll post, probably at the end of this blog. But for your convenience, I have transcribed the poem for you (don’t say I never gave you anything), and am going to post it below. Now, because it’s Monday, you guys know that I’m going to have to give you a challenge for the week, so here it is: email me or comment under this video, telling me if and how this poem effected you. I’m really curious and interested to find out the stories that you guys have, and on Wednesday, I’ll share mine with you.

So enjoy the video guys, as always, if you liked my brutal honesty and this video, be sure to “like” it. Also, comment, subscribe and share this blog with your families and friends. I love you all, and I will see you next time…

Today Means Amen: By, Sierra DeMulder


Dear you,

Whoever you are, however you got here. This is exactly where you are supposed to be. This moment has waited its whole life for you. This moment is a lover and you are a soldier come home baby. It’s over, you don’t need to suffer anymore.

Dear you, this moment is a surprise party. You are both hiding in the dark and walking through the door, this moment is a hallelujah. This moment is your permission slip to finally open that love letter you’ve been hiding from yourself. The one you wrote when you were little, when you still danced like a sparkler at dusk. Do you remember the moment you realized they were watching, when you became ashamed of how much light you were holding, when you first learned how to un-love yourself?

Dear you, the word today mean amen in every language. Today we made it. Today, I’m gonna love you. Today, the box cutter will rust in the garbage. Today, the noose will forget how to hold you. Today, today, today…

Dear you, and I have always meant you. Nothing would be the same if you did not exist. You, who were once as small as bouquets, who could sleep in the laps of strangers, nothing would be the same if you did not exit. You, whose voice is someone’s favourite voice, whose face is someone’s favourite face to wake up to, nothing would be the same if you did not exist. You, the teacher, the starter’s gun, the lantern in the night who offers not a way home but the courage to travel farther into the dark. You, the lover, who worships the taste of her body, who is the largest tree ring in his heart, who does not let fear ration your love. You, the friend, the sacred chorus of “how can I help?” You, who have felt more numb than holy, more cracked than mosaic, who has known the tiles of the bathroom by heart, who has forgotten what makes you worth it. You, the forgiven, the forgiver, who belongs right here in this moment. You, this clump of cells this happy explosion that happened to start breathing by the grace of whatever is up there. You got here. You made it this whole way. Through the nights that swallowed you whole, the mornings that arrived in pieces, the scabs, the gravel, the doubt, the hurt, the hurt, the hurt is over, today. You made it. You made it. You made it. Here.


2 comments on “Today Means Amen

  1. Kamilla says:

    Thank you for that wonderful post! I wanted to ask-what are the photographs in the background of the video? The people behind are holding a sheet with “We made it” and i don`t undrestand-they made what? They have overcome the depression? It what that it means?
    Thank you very much!

    • Kimfusing says:

      I’m honestly not sure. I took it to mean they overcome whatever obstacles they felt were holding them back in their lives, but I could be wrong.

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