You’re Putting What, Where?!



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Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to another edition of View and Review Tuesdays. First off, I want to take a second to say howdy to my new readers and new subscribers, you guys have been so generous lately about sharing this blog with all your friends and families and I’m not sure what I would do without your word of mouth reviews. I love you all, you’re awesome!

Anyway, today we’re talking about goats. “Awesome awkward segue Kim”. Thank you imaginary other person I’m talking to, I try my hardest. (Do you guys ever get tired of me talking to myself? Leave me a comment telling me how annoying I am ♥) Seriously though aren’t baby goats the most adorable thing in the world? I sure think so. While adult goats are mildly terrifying, they are the real topic of this Tuesday discussion, because they’re the ones that are able to be milked.

“Kim, goats can’t be milked, only cows can.” Actually imaginary friend, all mammals can be miked including humans, duh! But I digress, goats milk can be used for several different things (including drinks) today, we’re talking about making goat’s milk soap and how awesome it is for you.

So personally, I’ve been using Little Earth Soap: Goat’s Milk (a link to their site will be at the end of this post)  on and off for about a year. While I normally use Axe body wash for my body (not anymore, now I use a different product that I will showcase soon), I use the goat’s milk soap on my face every day (Yes, I put goat’s milk on my face) and let me tell you, this winter, my face hasn’t been dry and for a while, my breakouts disappeared (then I started drinking Vanilla Coke and sleeping in my make-up, that was a deal breaker). Anyway, for those times that I did end up sleeping in my make-up, washing my face with the soap totally cleared my face of any traces of the previous day’s artwork and while my face wasn’t overly oily, it wasn’t dry and patchy either.

Let’s talk about Little Earth Soap in a little more detail. Since I hit puberty, which seems like forever ago, I’ve been on a life journey to try and find a product/products that could clear up my face and body without smelling like I need to take a shower to wash off the smell of the shower I just took, as well as something(s) that wouldn’t leave my skin feeling dry, patchy or overly itchy. Is that really so much to ask? So, being my mother’s daughter, (with her help and advice) I started searching for organic products that didn’t have a lot (if any) chemicals in them.

Out of nowhere, we stumbled on Little Earth Soap (our neighbor referred them to us and we decided to give it a try). The awesome thing about Little Earth Soap is that their goat’s milk soap has 67% organic ingredients, and I can pronounce all of the “stuff” that the soap is made of.  While the actual “goat’s milk” is the last ingredient listed on the product (meaning that goat’s milk is the least potent ingredient), the other stuff in the soap are things like coconut oil, palm fruit oil, soybean oil and the like (moisturizers) that will not dry out your skin.

Long story short, I love this product, I will continue to use it until I run out (I currently have two bars) and then I will get some more. I would recommend this to all of you guys. It’ll set you back about $5 plus shipping (which isn’t bad at all) and it totally works. Please please please please check out the site ( and let me know what you guys think.

As always, if you liked this post, be sure to “like” it. Also comment, subscribe, reblog and share this post with everyone you know. I love you guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


The Little Earth Company did not in any way try to get me to endorse their products (I’m not cool enough to get brand deals) They don’t even know that I blogged about them. Everything that I said in this blog post was completely my opinion and I fully stand by my opinions. I genuinely adore this product and would never recommend you guys to try something that I did not stand by.


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